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How do I know my CO₂ is actually removed?

Our approach is to provide as much transparency as we can. This includes publishing the purchases that we make from our partners and we are currently working on giving you complete traceability from your order with Climacrux LLC to the removal with our partner. We'll let you know as soon as this is available.

What partners do you use?

Information on our partners is available on our removal partners page and we encourage you to look there for the most up-to-date info.

Are you interested in becoming our partner? Please fill out this form and we would love to have your long-term carbon storage on our platform.

Is this just carbon credits?

No - this is CO₂ capture and removal with the aim to actively reduce atmospheric levels. Carbon credits are reductions in emissions elsewhere - often in developing countries. While carbon credits meant well, we believe that now they are beginning to do more harm than good.

And we are not the only ones: Bloomberg (video), Greenpeace and others have been questioning the benefits, uncovering carbon credit scams and calling for the end of "meaningless offsets".

Can I be "net-zero" with this?

Actually yes.

Quick recap: "net-zero" refers to there being a result of zero emissions in the atmosphere from your activities.

i.e. if you emit one tonne of carbon dioxide, you must remove that one tonne again so the net result is zero emissions.

You cannot reduce emissions elsewhere and have the same result as your emissions are still out there.

Note: A net-zero claim or goal is very different to actually meeting it. We define net-zero by the following criteria:

  • Setting a net-zero goal (e.g. 2030);
  • Actively reducing your produced emissions (e.g. less flying, less meat-eating, increased renewable energy usage);
  • Removing and long-term storing any unavoidable emissions;
  • Regular reports on progress towards goal (e.g. every year, check on target to meet goals and adjust accordingly);
  • Ideally publishing your findings (e.g. promote your company sustainability reporting or write a blog about your personal progress);

A net-zero goal without emissions reductions and regular reporting on action taken means nothing.


Is this on the blockchain?

No. We don't "tokenize" or include our certificates on the blockchain and we do not encourage anyone to do so.

The blockchain is an exciting technology but we don't see it adding any additional value here.

Should you disagree and think we could improve by doing so please contact us with more information.

What technologies do you use?

That's a multi-faceted question so we'll break it down like this:

For the carbon dioxide removal:

We do not currently remove ourselves however we partner with a portfolio of partners who are using both nature and cutting edge technologies. Check out our removal partners for more info.

For our platform:

  • We use Python + Django for the API;
  • SQLite for the database;
  • Redis to cache and speed up the site;
  • Hetzner servers to host;
  • NextJS + TailwindUI for our documentation;
  • Cloudflare to accelerate delivery;


Aren't "the rich"/"China"/"corporations" causing all the problems?

We're sorry to tell you but this is often an easy-way-out argument. Yes there are some groups that are more responsible than others. However that doesn't excuse anybody from taking action.

We need societal change.

Correct, there has to be a fundamental shift in societal perspective to support a more sustainable future. This does not just happen over night and will require individual and group action. If you're looking for what you can do to help accelerate this process we've added some ideas below.

This is just an excuse to continue emitting, right?

Wrong. We know that not emitting is the best approach. Carbon removal and emissions reductions are not mutually exclusive - we need to do both!

But...we also cannot achieve this overnight. Plus we already have an excess of emissions in the atmosphere.

However we can do both at the same time and we have chosen to help accelerate the development and adoption of CO₂ removal.

But this is just greenwashing?

There are some that will claim that "net-zero" and carbon removal are green washing, but we strongly disagree.

Greenwashing is giving a false illusion that you are doing something sustainable or for the environment. Even more so if the sustainable aspect is promoted to overshadow other damaging practices.

However taking action to understand, reduce and remove your emissions is not greenwashing. It is the only thing we can collectively do to adopt a more sustainable future.


What else can I do to help the environment?

There are lots of things you can do for the environment. Some have a cost, others do not. In no particular order we have listed a few ideas here:

  • Inform yourself and others on climate change, good and bad actions and climate policy in your country's government;
  • Reduce your emissions where possible;
  • Vote for politicians who support a sustainable future (and do not take fossil fuel lobby money);
  • Join and support a climate movement;

Aren't there other problems humanity is facing?

Yes - sadly. There are a multitude of environmental problems that humanity is facing however we have chosen (currently) to focus on capturing and removing carbon dioxide with the aim of limiting - and possibly reducing - the effects of climate change on the natural world.

We encourage you to research and support as many ways to help the environment as you can. (This doesn't have to be financial - see below).

Why so expensive?

Our prices are predominantly set by the price of the carbon dioxide removal method (as we only add a small margin on top). These prices are higher than your typical "carbon credit" prices because they are actually capturing and removing CO₂.

Think of it this way: It's easier (and therefore cheaper...) to not burn a piece of wood rather than to reverse the process of burning it.

I have no money - what can I do?

We understand that carbon removal is a "luxury good" at this time but we're happy that you want to do something for the environment. Why not have a look at some of our suggestions above.

Is climate change even real?

Realistically if you're asking this question this product isn't for you. But yes, the changing of the climate is real.

Increased CO₂ (+ other greenhouse gases) in the atmosphere are trapping heat, raising the temperature of the earth and causing incredible damage to the natural world around us that we depend on.

We're not here to convince you of this fact - there are plenty resources available to do that - but we hope you do continue to see what's evolving around you and begin to accept the fact that climate change is real and that you will need to adapt your behaviour to deal with it.

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