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CDR purchase record

View all of our previous carbon removal purchases from our partners.

Carbon removal purchases

We - Climacrux LLC - publish all of our carbon removal purchases from our partners so they can be verified by yourself or other third parties. A full list can be found in this google sheet.


We have provided a few records from our complete purchase transparency ledger of over 900 tonnes.

DateCO₂PartnerCertificate of proof
11/07/2022500 kg CO₂eClimeworksLink
01/08/20229053 kg CO₂eEden ReforestationLink
24/09/20225000 kg CO₂eRunning TideLink

For your removal requests

Currently we do not specifically associate your removal request with a carbon removal purchase however this is on our road map for the future for end-to-end verification.

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